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December 20, 2005

Sun-Times ending youth-oriented Red Streak

The Chicago Sun-Times said it is pulling the plug on its youth-focused newspaper, three years after launching it as a defensive move against a similar offering from the Chicago Tribune.

The Importance of Writing

It wasn't until I started working one-on-one with reporters in my current job that I realized how important it was for copy editors to write.

Clay versus / v. / vs. the stylebook

What's the deal with the AP Stylebook entry on "versus," anyway?

New news: The fear factor

The first job is to instill fear in the newsroom. Oh, there’s fear there now. But it is fear of the unknown.

One newsroom, two newsrooms, or none?

There is a debate in the land of newspapering: Should print and online operate separately or together?

December 16, 2005

Restrictions on World Cup coverage

Newspaper editors might be surprised to know they won't be allowed to provide full coverage on their web sites.

Fixing journalism requires media cooperation

Journalism is under fire. It has lost the public's trust. It is marred by scandal. It is looked at by those who "own" it as an aside to a profit machine, not a community service.

We need professional journalists

An interesting article by media analyst Tom Foremski who is concerned that "we are losing our media professionals."

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