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November 22, 2004

Ramnath Goenka India Press Photo Awards 2004

The Indian Express group has instituted the awards as a part of the group’s series of events to commemorate the centenary year of its founder Ramnath Goenka

November 19, 2004

BBC arm buys half of Bennett Coleman unit

Worldwide Channel Investments Ltd is picking up a 50 percent stake in Worldwide Media Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Bennett, Coleman & Co, the publisher of The Times of India and The Economic Times newspapers

November 14, 2004

The Blair Switch Project

Jayson Blair, the diminutive ex-journalist who shook up the mighty New York Times when his serial plagiarism was revealed last year, has all but evaporated from public view

Slain cameraman wins Rory Peck award

James Miller
was killed in the Middle East while making a documentary


Communal or Communist: It’s the same difference
(The Indian Express)

Media death toll cross 100 mark this year

International Federation of Journalists condemns killing of journalists

November 13, 2004

Can anonymous sources be reliable?

Slate comments on a memorandum concerning the current discussion of sources for news stories sent to the New York Times staff by Assistant Managing Editor Allan M Siegal

November 09, 2004

Different Website, day and night

Making news websites more relevant by customizing content depending on the time of the day, a concept pioneered a few years ago

November 08, 2004

Bring us a new perspective on disability. Yours

Channel 4 News is looking for a disabled journalist – or aspiring journalist – for a one-year full-time placement at ITN in London

November 07, 2004

BBC reporter wept over Arafat

The BBC has received at least 500 complaints, after its broadcaster said she 'started to cry' when the Palestinian leader departed his ruined headquarters in Ramallah for a hospital in Paris

What exactly is a copy editor?

The lot of journalism's noble misfits

News images

10x10/100 words and pictures that define the time

The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

If you write captions, listen here

Want to be become a journalist?

One-year Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism through Distance Learning from the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication

November 02, 2004

'I feel threatened'

Journalist Mateen Hafeez, who was assaulted and threatened by Arun Gawli at Dagdi Chawl during an interview, has been provided police protection

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