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August 29, 2005

CBS blog will keep eye on its coverageBy

CBS News will shortly turn its unblinking eye on itself. The network is starting its own blog

'NYT reporters often write too long'

Business reporter Alex Berenson says, 'I think The New York Times needs to be a lot more careful about what we demand from our readers, and how much time we ask that they spend with us every day.'

Punjab cops whisk away Express reporter

Indian Express reported on a complaint against IGP Sumedh Saini to state human rights panel by family of accused in rape case; cops barge into reporter’s house, take him away, allege he ‘threatened’ victim

August 26, 2005

The source strikes back

Woe be the reporter who misquotes a source -- or portrays a source's comments in a way that the interviewee disagrees with -- these days. That's sure to open up a can of worms

Mumbai's media war

Who's the winner?

51 per cent journalists use blogs: survey

And 28 per cent rely on them for daily reporting, says a survey of 1,202 US journalists from Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University

August 24, 2005

Seth Mnookin on Hard News

The New York Times likes to call itself 'the newspaper of record'. But what happens when the newspaper of record becomes the subject of unwanted publicity?

Journalism is a verb, not a platform

The message from the New York Times is powerful: Journalism is what we do. Print, web and broadcast are delivery vehicles

Will the compact newspaper revolution take hold?

On August 29, another American newspaper will jump on the tabloid bandwagon

August 23, 2005

Newswatch India

It aims to become the preferred online destination for Indian journalists looking for information pertinent to their profession

August 22, 2005

Sports scribe Darryl Crasto passes away

The Times of India sports editor and former president of the Sports Journalist Federation of India passed away in Mumbai after a prolonged illness

August 15, 2005

Peter Jennings Reporting

Each night for more than 20 years, millions of people turned on their television sets to watch Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings deliver the news

August 06, 2005

Harassed by journalists?

The Press Complaints Commission has extended the use of its emergency hotline for members of the public harassed by journalists. Call the PCC 24-hr hotline

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