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This site for budding journalists is dedicated to Anjum Nair

August 28, 2004

This site is dedicated to...

Anjum Nair

He fought like a tiger journalist passes away


No: ...survived an assasination attempt
Yes: There was an assassination attempt on...

No: managed to win
Yes: won

No: Month of September
Yes: September
(The same is the case with: in the year 2004)

No: India has the most number of XYZ in the world
Yes: India has the most XYZ

No: reiterate
Yes: iterate
(reiterate is when you say the same thing for the third time)

No: I have been playing football for the past 10 years
Yes: I have been playing football for 10 years

No: only two to three
Yes: two to three

No: about ninety-nine persons
Yes: ninety-nine persons

No: gruesome crime/brutally murdered
Yes: crime/murdered

(NOTE: These rules are not rigid. In some cases, they may not apply. This post was updated on September 6, 2004)

Newsroom setup

At the top comes
The Editor
(He may also be designated Editor-in-chief or Executive Editor)

Then come the
Deputy Editor
News Editor

Chief Sub-Editor
Junior Sub-Editors/Trainees

Reporting Department:
Chief Reporter
(Who may be at the same level as the News Editor, or may report to him, in come cases)
Senior Reporters
Junior/Trainee Reporters

The Business and Sports Departments
generally have Editors

Below them come
Deputy (Business/Sports) Editor
Chief Sub-Editor-cum-Reporters

Most Sports and Business sections have Reporters who also edit copy

Designations vary according to the organization you work with and how much your boss likes/hates you.

August 27, 2004

5 Ws, one H

The first thing any journalist must know is the 5 Ws and one H.


Every news report should basically answer those questions.

Want to be a great journalist, eh?

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Now, let's get started.

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